Stilt-walking on syllabus for students working on 'Paradise'

stilt-walkersWhile many SUNY Oswego students may learn sociology or statistics or science, stilt-walking is part of the studies for those working on the upcoming production “Lost in a Viral Paradise.”

Written by students in Oswego’s art, music and theatre classes, the production is a satirical comedy that takes an imaginative, multimedia look at the many zany aspects of modern life.

From stilt-walking to dancing with shopping carts, the ensemble student cast continues to hone its collective skills, having begun training last fall. In October, performance artist Gabriel Q provided two days of residency work with ensemble members. He shared his years of experience with stilt-walking, puppetry and mask-making with the group.

“Working with Gabriel Q was really awesome,” said Mickennon Wilson, one of the students helping develop the production. “He gave our group very straightforward yet careful instruction on stilt-walking which made developing the skill much easier.”

The show’s director, theatre faculty member Jonel Langenfeld-Rial, worked with Gabriel Q on helping students to step outside of their comfort zone and into new talents required for the production.

“I’m trained in stilt-walking, too,” Langenfeld-Rial said. “We took the ensemble through it together. I think it was neat that the ensemble was able work with a guest artist, learning the stilt-walking techniques with someone other than me.”

The original production will have 8 p.m. performances March 9 and 10, with a 2 p.m. matinee Sunday, March 11.

Tickets for the regular run cost $12 ($10 for senior citizens and students, $7 for SUNY Oswego students). Tickets are available through Tyler box office by calling 312-2141 or e-mailing

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PHOTO CAPTION: Walking tall—SUNY Oswego students Mickennon Wilson (left) and Nicole Arbes practice their stilt-walking skills in preparation for “Lost in a Viral Paradise,” an original collaborative production created by the college’s art, theatre and music departments. Students learned the art of walking on stilts from director Jonel Langenfeld-Rial and guest artist Gabriel Q.

(Posted: Feb 14, 2007)