Theatre farce 'Torch Bearers' to open Oct. 15

actor faintsAs the miscues of an amateur theatre troupe continue to mount, the mayhem becomes too much for some onlookers like Fred Ritter (Jeremy Waterman, center) to bear in “The Torch Bearers,” the opening production for the SUNY Oswego theatre season.

Trying to keep order are, from left, Mr. Spindler (Ryan Santiago), pompous director Mrs. Pampinelli (Sara Weiler), Mr. Hossefrosse (Daniel Williams) and Mr. Twiller (Knate Roy).

The comedy will run Oct. 15 to 19 in Tyler Hall’s Waterman Theatre. For information or reservations, call 312-2141 or e-mail

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(Posted: Oct 02, 2008)