Dorm neighbors tangled, eventually tied the knot behind Waterbury

A frequent walk down the stairs became a walk down the aisle for 1975 graduate Judy Jaffie.

Part of the first class of women to move into Waterbury Hall when it went co-ed, she was less than pleased to meet the neighbors ⎯ well, one neighbor in particular.

“He was into music like we were and we all played our music pretty loud, but he played his music really loud,” Jaffie recalled. “I used to go downstairs and just bang on his door and tell him to turn it down.

“We didn’t have what I would call a good relationship,” she said.

That was until they happened to meet under quieter conditions outside of Waterbury one evening, while Mark Shupe, class of 1977, was working on his car. It was then that they started talking.

“And we didn’t stop talking until like 3 in the morning,” Jaffie recalled. “From then on, the music wasn’t an issue anymore because we were listening to the music together.”

Jaffie and Shupe were married behind Waterbury May 22, 1976. Jaffie noted that their close circle of college friends yielded several other 30-plus-year marriages all rooted in Oswego.

“It was a magical place for us,” she said.

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(Posted: Feb 13, 2012)

Tags: alumni