Hurricane cancels evening, morning classes

Because of Hurricane Sandy and general emergency conditions in the region, SUNY Oswego is canceling classes beginning this evening (Monday classes that begin at or after 4:30 p.m.) and continuing through tomorrow morning (Tuesday classes that begin before noon). Monday evening activities are also canceled. This applies to the main campus and also the SUNY Oswego Metro and Phoenix centers.

Members of the campus community are warned to
  - stay away from the lake due to forecasts of unusually high waves
  - take reasonable precautions (campus residents should stay inside)
  - beware of wind-blown debris in roadways, and
  - avoid downed power lines off campus.

Employees who do not come to work must charge their time. The only exception is faculty who have classes that are canceled.


Hurricane Sandy is predicted to interact with more localized weather conditions this afternoon through Tuesday morning to produce rain and high winds, especially near the lake. The city has removed its rescue boat from the harbor. Power outages are likely in the area, and the region’s utility crews will be out in force to restore service as quickly as possible.

(Posted: Oct 29, 2012)

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