SUNY Oswego announces new dates for 2011 Family and Friends Weekend

SUNY Oswego’s department of campus life has announced a change of dates for the popular Family and Friends Weekend, which now will take place Oct. 21 to 23.

Family and Friends Weekend for the following year, 2012, will be Oct. 19 to 21, and for 2013 will be Oct. 25 to 27.

“The dates for Family and Friends Weekend are chosen to showcase the wide variety of events and activities that take place on campus,” said Kelly Perkins, marketing and communications coordinator for campus life. “We like to offer families and guests the opportunity to experience campus mid-semester at the height of fall activity. We realize that Family and Friends Weekend participants have different interests, and we want to be able to offer them things they would enjoy.”

Family and Friends Weekend has been a tradition at SUNY Oswego for over two decades. For many students, especially those who live farther away, Family and Friends Weekend represents the first opportunity for their families and guests to visit the campus since the start of the academic year. It also gives students the opportunity to show their families and friends how they have become actively involved and engaged in the campus community.

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(Posted: Feb 17, 2011)