Find out more about students currently enjoying our lakeside campus

Oswego students are friendly and helpful people. Some of them have shared their thoughts on college and their lives. Click on a link to learn more about them.

Priya RavindranInternational politics and journalism double major Priya Ravindran: “For all the traveling I’ve done, the people here are the most friendly.”


Mike HowardEducation major and student-athlete Mike Howard: “I think wrestling helps a lot with focus. You learn to keep your mind on whatever you’re doing.”



Sherrifa BaileyPsychology and public justice major Sherrifa Bailey: “I’ve learned so much about myself through my involvements and working with other people.”



Ruthie BrassChildhood education major Ruthie Brass: “Oswego is known for having an amazing and accredited education program.”



Christine ClemmensMarketing major Christine Clemmens: “Most of the classes I’ve had are smaller and have been more discussion-based. Students get involved in every way possible …”



Derek DunningJournalism major Derek Dunning: “Everybody is interested in meeting new people, especially in Johnson Hall. This is really an outgoing place.”



Cathleen RichardsBroadcasting major Cathleen Richards: “There is always an opportunity to try something new, go to new places, see something new.”



Patrick WillomeMarketing major Patrick Willome: “I’m happy that I’ve managed school, getting involved and having fun at the same time.”

(Posted: Nov 01, 2007)