Sesquicentennial plan outlines college's goals through 2011

SUNY Oswego President Deborah F. Stanley unveiled the strategic plan that will guide the college to its 150th anniversary in 2011 as the fall 2007 semester got under way.

“Our goal is to ensure that all our students receive the best education possible,” Stanley said. She described the plan as “an ambitious document that takes bold, innovative steps to develop our students as true global citizens.”
“Engaging Challenge: The Sesquicentennial Plan” outlines goals in five categories comprising “SUNY Oswego’s Views” under the headings Vitality, Intellectual rigor, Engagement, World awareness and Solutions. These five strategic directions specify priorities that will help ensure that SUNY Oswego becomes a stronger college in the future, Stanley said.

- Vitality involves designing exemplary academic programs, recruiting faculty and staff of distinction, securing robust financial support, and creating a sense of pride

- Intellectual rigor includes fostering an atmosphere of high expectations, recruiting highly motivated students, and providing transformative learning experiences and expanded scholarly and research opportunities

- Engagement entails broadening the college’s service mission and building understanding of civic engagement and a shared sense of community

- World awareness encompasses promoting appreciation of diversity, expanding multicultural and international experiences, and demonstrating stewardship of the environment, and

- Solutions involve nurturing students’ social consciousness, increasing understanding of complicated problems and translating knowledge important to society.

“We’re going to have an exciting time going forward with this plan,” Stanley told a gathering of faculty and professional staff that kicked off the first day of classes recently. “We will move this college to a new level.”

The plan emerged from hundreds of hours of deliberations by the 30-member Sesquicentennial Planning Advisory Board and focus groups of students, faculty, staff and community members.

Next, the president said, she will charge the college’s vice presidents to work toward action plans to implement elements of the plan and then move cross functionally to coordinate them. During implementation, she said, there will be annual updates on progress.

For a copy of the plan, call the Office of Business and Community Relations at 312-3492.

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(Posted: Sep 05, 2007)