GE lends energy to Fall Classic

imageThe Oswego State Fall Classic, set for Sept. 9 and 10, again welcomes GE Energy as a Presidential Level Sponsor.

The annual event funds merit-based scholarships for top students at SUNY Oswego through the Presidential Scholars program. GE Energy joins other Presidential Sponsors, including Sithe, Constellation Energy and the New York State Laborers’ Employers’ Cooperation and Education Trust Fund, in supporting the 15th annual edition of the popular fund-raising effort.

“GE Energy is pleased and honored to be a part, again, of the Presidential Scholars program,” said Ray Smith, sales manager, GE Energy Services Sales.

Added GE Energy’s John Stephens, “Our support of the Presidential Scholars Program is an indication of our belief in the quality public education Oswego provides, and our commitment to supporting the local community and its institutions.” Stephens is manager of global development and strategic initiatives at GE Energy.

“We are grateful to GE Energy for lending their support at this, the highest level of sponsorship. Their generosity, and that of all our sponsors, is truly an investment in the future, because it helps make a quality Oswego education possible for some of the most promising students,” said SUNY Oswego President Deborah F. Stanley.

The Fall Classic has generated gross receipts of over $2.6 million since 1990 through the support of sponsors, who choose from eight levels of support. Presidential Sponsors are the highest level of sponsorship.

The two-day event will open this year with the Sithe Luncheon on Thursday, Sept. 9, featuring futurist Ed Barlow as keynote speaker. The Fall Classic also includes networking in a relaxed atmosphere during recreational activities such as golf, fishing and a clay pigeon spectacular on Friday.

For information or to receive a sponsorship booklet, call the Office of Alumni and University Development at 312-3003 or visit the Fall Classic Web site at .

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CONTACT: Melissa Manwaring, 312-3003

PHOTO CAPTION: Energized event—Two major sponsors of the Oswego State Fall Classic met recently at the Oswego Country Club, where part of the Sept. 9 and 10 fund-raising event will take place. From left are Ray Smith, sales manager, GE Energy Services Sales; William Fernandez, general manager of Sithe Independence Station; and Jon Fowler, Oswego Country Club pro. All proceeds of the 15th annual event will fund the Presidential Scholars program at SUNY Oswego. Joining Sithe and GE Energy as Presidential Sponsors, the highest level of support, are Constellation Energy and the New York State Laborers’ Employers’ Cooperation and Education Trust Fund.

(Posted: Aug 25, 2004)