SUNY Oswego emergency notification test set for Oct. 25

SUNY Oswego will conduct a simultaneous test of all of its emergency messaging systems Tuesday, Oct. 25.

At 10:56 a.m., the college will send messages via its new outdoor emergency notification system as well as NY-Alert, the college home page, voice mail on campus phones, and the campus digital signage system. The test will not involve radio, television and other mass media, as a real emergency likely would.

The timing between classes is intended to minimize disruption while still testing during a fully active period on campus.

The college home page, outdoor notification system and digital signage systems will reach anyone within their range, whereas the voice mail will go only to campus phones with that service and the NY-Alert messages will go only to students, faculty and staff who have signed up for its phone, text and/or email messages. More information about NY-Alert is at

New speaker system

The new outdoor emergency notification system consists of speakers mounted on five campus buildings. The public address system will broadcast spoken-word alerts in the event of a campus emergency and may be audible beyond campus boundaries.

A sound engineering firm determined the placement of the speakers based on the topology of the campus and the layout of the buildings, said Joe Moreau, the college’s chief technology officer. Oct. 25 will be their first full-fledged test and will help in making adjustments.

SUNY Oswego tests its emergency messaging systems each semester. Higher Education Opportunity Act guidelines require institutions to test their emergency notification systems at least once a year.

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(Posted: Oct 11, 2011)

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