Oswego looks good on Obama's College Scorecard

Oswego’s costs trend low, its graduation rates high. That’s the snapshot of SUNY Oswego on the new College Scorecard that President Barack Obama released Feb. 13 to show “where you can get the most bang for your educational buck.”

Oswego statistics from College ScorecardThe president announced the new tool on the White House website in his State of the Union address Feb. 12, just a week after USA Today and Princeton Review named SUNY Oswego a “Best Value College” for 2013.

The scorecard also shows that the average loan-default rate of Oswego graduates is just a bit over half the national average, even though their median borrowing rate is medium-high.

As for Oswego graduates’ employment prospects, right out of college more than 90 percent either get jobs or enroll in graduate school, according to surveys by Oswego’s Career Services Office, and 84 percent of those employed land jobs related to their college major.

Princeton Review reports that “the career services office provides exceptional assistance to students preparing for life after graduation,” and students use their “wonderful connection to alumni” to network in the job market.

And those alumni are well connected. For example:
* Al Roker used his Oswego communications degree to build an on-air career with NBC’s Today Show
* Alice McDermott used her Oswego degree in English to become a best-selling novelist and National Book Award winner
* Heraldo Munoz used his Oswego political science degree to become Chile’s ambassador to the United Nations and now an assistant secretary-general at the U.N.
* Bob Moritz used his Oswego business degree to become PricewaterhouseCoopers U.S. chairman and senior partner.
* Harold Morse used his Oswego education degree to found The Learning Channel and Ovation networks
* Ban-An Khaw used his Oswego degree in biology to pioneer medical advances through cardiovascular imaging and biotechnology.

(Posted: Feb 13, 2013)

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