Undergraduate scholars to display posters in state capital

Josh Valentino and Alex O'Hara on Lake Ontario shore.Faculty at SUNY Oswego have selected six students to travel April 13 to Albany to display four scholarly research posters in the state Legislative Office Building for lawmakers and the public.

The exhibit is part of “SUNY Undergraduates Shaping New York’s Future: A Showcase of Scholarly Posters.” The SUNY Faculty Senate invited each college and university in the system to choose four worthy projects.

Those selected at SUNY Oswego include:

* Josh Valentino of New Haven and Alex O’Hara of Parish, with the poster for their project, “Lithologic Control on the Orientation of Bedrock Joints in the Tug Hill Plateau and the Environmental and Natural Resource Implications.” Their adviser was Josh Valentino’s father, David Valentino, professor of geology.

* Edward Delauter of North Bellmore, political science major, who studied the Supreme Court’s use of Internet citations in legal opinions; his adviser was Helen Knowles, assistant professor of political science.

* Jason DeMauro of Oswego, an education major whose project centered on rural educational opportunities in the developing West African nation of Benin. His adviser is Barbara Garii, associate dean in the School of Education.

* Stephanie Magin of Spencerport and Jessica Halsey of Brewerton, both physics majors, who worked with Shashi Kanbur, associate professor of physics, on advancing understanding of Cepheid variable stars and their role in informing the size-scale of the universe.

Fairness, impact

Jack Gelfand, director of research administration and development at SUNY Oswego, said faculty advisers nominated students who had done particularly interesting research and posters. The objective was to strike a balance among hard sciences and social sciences, for both fairness and impact.

“Organizers here wanted to make an impression on legislators, to catch their eyes as they walked by,” said Gelfand, who employs Valentino, a past two-time winner of Quest’s Best Poster Award, as an editor of proceedings for Quest. SUNY Oswego’s annual daylong celebration of scholarly and creative activities, Quest is on April 21 this year.

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(Posted: Mar 31, 2010)

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