Update on overnight power outage

SUNY Oswego’s substation No. 1 on Sixth Avenue on campus went down at 10:32 p.m. Thursday, shutting off power to the campus. Power was restored at 4:20 a.m. Friday.

University Police and residence staff responded to various calls for assistance during the outage, including people trapped in elevators, and managed communications with students on campus as well as with parents calling with concerns.

Because power was restored hours before classes and business activities were to resume Friday morning, and because those operations were not interrupted, the college did not issue an alert to faculty, staff and students throughout the region.

Why did the power go out? Facilities staff report that one of the phase C switches locked out on the north and south transformers of substation No. 1. The college called in an outside vendor whose specialty is high-voltage equipment—the transformers are 34,000-volt—to assist with diagnosing the problem and restoring power. The college coordinated with National Grid as well.

(Posted: Apr 08, 2011)

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