D-III SUNY Oswego delivers first-class sports productions

[The following story appears courtesy of Brandon Costa, Sports Video Group]

It’s the biggest day of the year in Oswego. SUNY Plattsburgh is in town. The SUNYAC regular-season men’s hockey game may not mean much to most outside the modest Upstate New York city on the banks of Lake Ontario; but here? It may as well be Super Bowl Sunday.

View from Steve Levy Press BoxIt’s still a couple of hours before the doors open at the 2,500-seat Campus Center Ice Arena, and already the line outside stretches on. Those at the front have been camped out since 10 a.m. On the blustery, cold morning, Justin Andrews, sports director at WTOP, the all-student-run TV station on the SUNY Oswego campus, is there with a camera and a couple of classmates to record it.

Later that night, Andrews and a team of up to 20 Oswego students will broadcast the game live on WTOP and Time Warner Cable channel 96 and online on the university’s athletics Website. As the crowd cheers in front of his lens, Andrews gives himself a moment to take it all in and thinks to himself, “Man, I’m glad I’m doing this!”

Despite it’s “small,” Division III status, SUNY Oswego’s School of Communication, Media, and the Arts, partnering with WTOP, offers student opportunities and high-quality live broadcasts that would be the envy of some D-I universities.

The productions have also given Oswego exposure not typically enjoyed by schools their size.
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(Posted: Feb 17, 2012)

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