Advisement awards bestowed on two professors

Judith BeltThe recipients of this year’s President’s Award for Excellence in Academic Advisement at SUNY Oswego are Judith Belt of the technology department and Dr. Joyce Smith of the curriculum and instruction department.

Students nominate their advisers for the award, which aims to honor “wise and trusted counselors who aid students in the formation and development of their academic and life goals,” according to the nomination form.

Smith has been the advisement coordinator for her department since 1995 and graduate coordinator since 1998. She currently works personally with 669 undergraduate advisees and 172 graduate advisees.

Joyce Smith“Dr. Smith carries the heaviest advisement load of anyone I know and is widely perceived by students as concerned and dedicated,” wrote Pamela Michel, curriculum and instruction department chair, in support of the nomination.

Smith established an advisement center for her department to help both faculty and students.

Her student nominators, graduate assistants Sarah McFadden and Jennifer Taylor, wrote, “She leaves no question unanswered. Her main priority is to help students succeed. . . . Her knowledge of the programs and majors combined with her passion for helping students makes her exceptional.”

Belt is also advisement coordinator for her department. She personally advises about 30 first-year students and 30 other undergraduates. Alan Pedisich, a senior technology education major, nominated her for the award.

“My biggest accomplishment is seeing the students from this program successfully complete their studies, enter the ‘real world,’ and know that I had a part to play in their success,” Belt wrote.

Phil Gaines, department chair, noted that students in technology programs often seek Belt out whether or not she is their assigned adviser. “They are . . . aware that Judith will take the time to provide quality advisement,” he wrote.

Belt and Smith will be recognized at SUNY Oswego’s December Commencement ceremony.

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Photos: Top: Judith Belt. Bottom: Joyce Smith.

(Posted: May 03, 2006)