College tests emergency communications

The college began testing its emergency notification system today (April 26) at 10:55 a.m.

In a simultaneous test of all emergency communications, SUNY Oswego is sending messages via NY-Alert, the home page, voicemail on campus phones, the carillon outdoor announcement system and the digital signage system. The test will not involve radio, television and other mass media, as a real emergency likely would.

The college’s Security Systems Management Team selected the time in an effort to minimize disruption of classes while still testing during a fully active period on campus. Faculty teaching 11:10 a.m. classes may wish to ask students to silence their cell phones.

The college home page, carillon outdoor announcement system and digital signage system reach anyone within their range who pays heed. The voicemail goes only to campus phones with that service. The NY-Alert messages go only to those who have signed up for its phone, text and/or e-mail messages. To learn how to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the NY-Alert emergency messaging service, see

University Police Chief Cindy Adam noted that the latest Higher Education Opportunity Act guidelines require all institutions to test all their alert notification systems once a year. SUNY Oswego has tested its NY-Alert system each semester and will continue to do so.

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(Posted: Apr 26, 2011)