Professor wins national award for going extra mile as adviser

imageLinda Loomis, assistant professor and director of journalism at SUNY Oswego, is one of 14 faculty advisers newly honored by the National Academic Advising Association in its nationwide awards program. She will receive a certificate of merit for outstanding advising in the faculty category.

Loomis is advisement coordinator for the journalism program, as well as director, advising about 120 students. She received the SUNY Oswego President’s Award for Excellence in Academic Advisement in 2003.

“Linda goes beyond the call of duty to make sure her students are advised right and well before registering for classes,” said Ashleah Reitz, a senior majoring in graphic design and journalism. “When I decided to double major just last spring with only a year to go until graduation, it was Linda who helped make it possible.”

Loomis also serves as a summer orientation adviser, a freshman adviser and adviser to The Oswegonian, the student newspaper.

“She encourages me when I get down, reassures me when I don’t think I can make it through, and keeps me on track when I just don’t want to do it anymore,” said Erin Pollina, a sophomore who works with Loomis in the First-Year Advisement Program. “As her peer adviser, I saw that not only does she have such a caring relationship with me, but with all of her advisees.”

Each year she takes a group of journalism students to the New York Press Association conference. Sophomore Mike DiGenova went last month. “I got to meet many important people in the industry and learned a whole lot. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have gone to Albany to get this learning experience,” he said.

Erica Berry, who transferred from SUNY Potsdam, said she finds her adviser’s support empowering. “Without Linda Loomis, I probably wouldn’t be graduating in December,” she said. “She just pushed me and made me feel like I can do anything that I want to.” Berry said she plans to work for a daily newspaper in the Albany area after she graduates.

Loomis regularly nominates students for awards and recognition, said Kathleen Evans, director of the Student Advisement Center, who nominated her for the award. “Most amazing is the time Linda spends with her advisees at conferences, at local bookstores and cafes and at recognition ceremonies,” Evans said.

Loomis said she finds students responsive to her advice. “Honestly, I just can’t say enough how satisfying it is to work with Oswego students,” she said. “I find that any effort I extend or time I commit to helping students is justified a thousand times over in terms of their academic growth and personal progress. Almost all of our students respond by doing their best, expanding their horizons and committing themselves to their goals.”

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(Posted: May 04, 2005)