Sherrifa Bailey

Sherrifa BaileyThis interview with Sherrifa Bailey, then a sophomore double majoring in psychology and public justice, took place in September 2007. Q. What made you want to attend SUNY Oswego? A. It was between Boston University and here. To be honest, I didn’t have the money for Boston University but Oswego gave me everything I needed. And when I came here for orientation, I fell in love with the place. Q. What kind of work are you doing with the Compass? A. I’m a peer navigator. My specialty is career services. I’m getting trained on how to critique resumes, edit cover letters, that kind of thing. I’m also working with faculty to learn other things that will help. I also direct students to other offices that can assist them. Q. What is your favorite part of being at Oswego? A. I think the opportunities, because I’ve learned so much about myself through my involvements and working with other people. Q. What is your impression of other Oswego students? A. For most of the students I work with, I definitely see determination. They are very hands-on and willing to learn. Q. What achievement are you most proud of? A. I would say being an orientation leader over the summer. It was one of the best experiences in my life and I learned a great deal about the campus in just six weeks. I met so many people and made so many great connections. Q. Do you have any hobbies? A. I love to dance. I’m a big fan of the arts. I enjoy writing � it allows me to free myself at the end of the day. And I like shopping. Q. Have you thought about your plans after college yet? A. I’m debating between graduate school and law school. I’m interested in either becoming a family court judge for juvenile delinquents, doing social work or staying in education. I have big dreams.

(Posted: Oct 02, 2007)


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