Priya Ravindran

Priya RavindranThis interview with Priya Ravindran, then a junior double major in international politics and journalism from Pune, India, took place in November 2007. Q. What made you want to attend SUNY Oswego? A. I wanted to go to the United States to do a bachelor’s degree in general. I went to a college fair in my area, and Oswego was represented. And Oswego gave me the most financial aid. Plus it was in New York—and while I know it’s not really that close to New York City, at least it was something I knew. Q. What is your favorite part of being at Oswego? A. The people! In general, for all the traveling I’ve done, the people here are the most friendly. And, of course, living on my own. Q. What is your impression of other Oswego students? A. I think most of them are very friendly. Most people don’t have a problem with striking up a conversation with just anyone. And while there are some students who want to go out and party, there are students here who want to work hard if you want to find them. Q. Is there anything about the U.S. that has particularly surprised you? A.  I think people’s political opinions. When you watch the news or follow the media, you have a different opinion of what people think in general. When you come here, you see that students have differing opinions from what you see on TV. Q. What kinds of activities have you been involved with here? A. I work as a desk attendant at Hart. I’ve done a lot of community service—campus cleanup, raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims, helping clean the lakeside and working at Camp Hollis for a while with children. I’m part of the Asian Student Association and take part in their events. Q. What achievement are you most proud of? A. I think when I got called to the World Leadership Conference in 2002. We went to Washington, D.C., and got to meet the Senate, make up treaties and meet students from every state of the U.S. and 25 other countries. That was really nice. Q. Do you have any hobbies? A. I like reading fiction, watching TV, dancing. I also like just sitting and talking to my friends. This semester, I’m taking 22 credits, so I sleep during my spare time. Next semester will be way better. Q. Have you thought about your plans after college yet? A. I know, career-wise, I want to be a news reporter. After graduating, I want to take a one- or two-year break and do something in the news—an internship or a job—and then go back to school.

(Posted: Mar 04, 2008)


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