Patrick Willome

Patrick WillomeThe following interview with Patrick Willome, then a freshman marketing major, took place in February 2006. Q. What made you want to come to Oswego? A. I visited and just sort of fell in love with the place. I just kind of got a vibe from it when I visited. Q. What is your favorite part of being at Oswego? A. Living on my own and learning. It’s just been a huge learning experience: Learning about myself, meeting people, the whole atmosphere. Just handling things on my own, I like that. It’s a big test. Q. What is your impression of other Oswego students? A. They’re great. I get along with everybody. Very friendly people. That’s a favorite thing about college is meeting new people, making new friends. Q. What achievement are you most proud of? A. Just my adaptation to college in general. I’m happy that I’ve managed school, getting involved and having fun at the same time. I’m glad that everything is going well in general. Q. Do you know what you are interested in doing after graduation? A. I want to do something within the media. My dream would be to have my own television show. I want to do something that either influences the economy or the media. Q. Do you have any hobbies? A. I work the front desk here (in Johnson Hall). I do the underwriting at WTOP. I play ultimate Frisbee when the weather is nice. I play broomball. I play video games a lot. I just started working with a personal trainer, which is good because I also eat a lot of college food. I’m in Boys Down the Hall, the a cappella group. I’m currently learning how to play the piano. And I like taking pictures with my camera.

(Posted: May 19, 2008)


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