Mike Howard

Mike HowardThis interview with Mike Howard, a sophomore education major and member of the Laker wrestling team, took place in January 2008. Q. What made you want to attend SUNY Oswego? A. My dad (Mike Howard) coaches here. I get to go see my brother and sister play sports. Oswego is really comfortable for me. I knew a lot of the guys who on the wrestling team already, and going here just seemed like the right thing to do. Q. Your father now coaches, and your grandfather Jim Howard used to coach the wrestling program here. What’s it like being a third-generation part of the program? A. You hear a lot about it. I always get asked, “Are you going to be the next one to coach?” It is helpful that my dad and grandfather were coaching, because I learned a lot about the sport. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am without them. Q. What is your favorite part of being at Oswego? A. Being on the wrestling team. Hanging out with all the guys. Going away on tournaments. You get a lot out of it. Q. You were on President’s List last semester as well as wrestling. How do you balance your time? A. It actually seems easier to do it being a wrestler. You have a set time for practice, a set time to lift (weights). You know when to study. I think wrestling helps a lot with focus. You learn to keep your mind on whatever you’re doing. Q. What is your impression of other Oswego students? A. There are a lot of different students here, but pretty much everyone is nice and easy to get along with. It helps when you have only 19 or 20 other students in your class, because you get to learn a lot about their lifestyles. Q. What achievement are you most proud of? A. I think just being able to be a student-athlete, to get good grades and do well on the mat. It’s pretty hard to do all that work. I’m always working hard to try to get to the next level. My family is proud of me, and that’s nice. Q. Do you have any hobbies? A. I like going fly-fishing. I love sport, playing just about any kind of sport. I’m usually doing that, working or going fly-fishing. A few of the guys on the team like fly-fishing, so we’ll all go out to the Salmon River. I also like to play backyard football with my buddies from high school down in the parks during the summer. It’s nice to also be able to go out to the movies and go bowling in the city. Q. Have you thought about your plans after college yet? A. I hope to go into teaching. I want to coach wrestling, but I’m keeping my options open. I’d like to stay close to home, and there are a lot of good wrestling programs around here, so that helps.

(Posted: Mar 04, 2008)


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