New Gen Ed
New general education program approved

President Deborah F. Stanley has approved as submitted the general education model that Faculty Assembly approved at its April 23 meeting.

It will go into effect in fall 2013, Associate Provost Rameen Mohammadi said.

The new program, which the GE21 Task Force presented in February as Model 2, is smaller and more focused and promises to be more efficient to deliver.

“Model 2 assumes that scientific literacy, knowledge of a second language, and awareness of the world’s historical and cultural diversity (along with skills in writing and mathematics) are essential for the educated person in our postmodern time,” the GE21 Task Force reported. “However, this model also allows Oswego’s students to shape their own general education experience based upon their talents, intellectual curiosity, and career goals. This model tries to balance breadth and depth. . . . Model 2 allows for a wider range of choices in both categories and courses. This greater freedom will need to be balanced by more attentive (and responsible) planning by each student and more informed mentoring by each adviser. However, the curriculum will still be easy to navigate for both advisers and their students.”

The new gen ed program encompasses the SUNY-mandated general education requirements and arrives at a bottom line of 30 to 33 credit hours, compared with the 40-hour or more program in place previously.

It incorporates a new category of courses called “World Awareness,” consistent with the college’s current strategic plan, and reduces the science requirement from nine hours to three, but that course must include a lab or lab-like experience.

Gone are former categories called “Basic Skills,” “Knowledge Foundations,” “Human Diversity” and “Intellectual Issues.” In many cases, courses in those categories meet requirements in the new program.

(Posted: Jun 15, 2012)