Friend of Education
Oswego school district honors college with award

The awarding of the “Friends of Education” honor has become a tradition in the Oswego City School District. This year, Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist presented the award to SUNY Oswego Executive Assistant to the President Howard Gordon during the opening day faculty and staff assembly at Oswego High School.

Presentation of Friends of Education award.The award was created several years ago to recognize businesses and community organizations that do “great things” for Oswego’s students. It celebrates and honors those who have made significant contributions to the betterment of the district and its children.

Crist expressed appreciation to SUNY Oswego for the partnership that has been developed between to two education entities. “This is an extremely valuable and beneficial relationship that will provide nothing but positive results,” he said. “It is essential that the two largest educational entities locally work side-by-side and hand-in-hand to create the best learning environment possible for students.”

Possibility Scholarship

One of the newest cooperative ventures was the creation of the Possibility Scholarship, which was presented for the second consecutive year to an Oswego High School graduating senior. The Possibility Scholarship program provides students with a high-qualify college education in some of the world’s most promising fields of study.

The scholarship expands social mobility in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines and gives students the chance to gain a global perspective before they enter the work force.

This is a fully paid four-year scholarship that includes a summer research institute and a travel abroad experience.

Mentor Scholar Program

SUNY Oswego is also involved in a new mentoring effort, the Mentor Scholar Program, for at-risk students at the Oswego Middle School.

Middle School Principal Mary Beth Fierro said, “SUNY Oswego has made tremendous investment in this effort. If we target students early on, this program can provide more success as they work together on academics and social skills. We know that success in this program will result in a lower dropout rate and therefore increase graduation for our students.”

New projects are under way that will allow for Oswego High School students who have completed graduation requirements to receive a “jump start” by taking courses at SUNY Oswego.

PHOTO CAPTION: Friends of Education—Executive Assistant to the President Howard Gordon, second from left, and Associate Vice President for Development Mary Canale, right, accept the Oswego City School District’s Friends of Education Award from school board president John Dunsmoor, left, and Superintendent of Schools William Crist. Gordon helped develop the Mentor Scholars Program, a new school-college partnership, and Canale raises funds for SUNY Oswego’s Possibility Scholarships, which until now have been dedicated to high school graduates from the Oswego and Syracuse districts.

(Posted: Sep 25, 2011)