Community Welcome
Merchants welcome students back to town

The community plans to welcome students to town this week, says Bob Close, chair of the City of Oswego Mayor’s Campus-City Relations Committee.

Signs downtown welcome students to local shops.Local businesses around the city are displaying “Welcome SUNY Oswego Students” signs that CCRC distributed in August. Many merchants will participate in the second fall “Cruisin’ the City” event—a business and services fair from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 2, in the college’s Campus Center arena.

“Cruisin’ the City” allows merchants in the greater Oswego area to share information and samples of their wares with students. Last fall, 33 businesses and a couple of nonprofits participated in the first such fair sponsored by CCRC together with the college’s Student Association.

Also this week, Thursday’s Farmers Market on West First Street in Oswego is college-centric, and the community as well as students, faculty, staff and alumni will celebrate Green and Gold Day (College Colors Day) on Friday.

“Our Downtown Business Committee is encouraging the community to show their support and appreciation of SUNY Oswego staff, students and faculty by participating in National College Colors Day by also donning their green and gold,” said Beth Hilton, executive director of the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce. “We are also encouraging businesses to become involved by welcoming SUNY Oswego staff, students and faculty into their stores and offer a special discount to anyone in the community wearing green and gold. We are looking forward to a fun two days that will help acquaint those at SUNY Oswego with our business community.”

Providing the music for college night at the Oswego Farmers Market will be the Love Volcanoes. Formed in Oswego, the Love Volcanoes are a quintet of musicians who draw from genres such as Americana, folk, pop rock, ‘50s rock, southern rock, golden country and ‘70s classic rock. Their live shows highlight songs from their “Fault” album as well as their jamming ability and vocal harmonies.

(Posted: Aug 27, 2010)