Individual and group instruction

New and returning music majors:
Please contact your applied instructor (below) for private lessons. You must audition, schedule a lesson time AND register for credit IMMEDIATELY once classes begin. Forfeiture of your place in their studio may occur should you not deal with this in a timely manner.

Applied lessons (one-on-one instruction) are available to all SUNY students. Due to limited studio size, priority is given to students needing lessons for a degree program, but non-majors may take as well if sufficient space is available and with instructor permission. Should you wish to take lessons, please contact the instructors listed below for more information. Lessons are considered an academic class and students receiving lessons MUST be registered. Students must also be registered for an ensemble experience (Choir, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, etc.).

Piano Class I - 2 credits  MUS 230  see current class schedule Rebecca Horning, Instructor
Piano Class II - 2 credits  MUS 231 see current class schedule Rebecca Horning, Instructor
Voice Class I - 2 credits MUS 240  see current class schedule Todd Graber, Instructor
Voice Class I - 2 credits MUS 240 see current class schedule Todd Graber, Instructor
Guitar Class I - 2 credits MUS 285  see current class schedule Rick Balestra, Instructor
 INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION (Applied) You cannot register without instructor approval.
Please make contact during the first week of the fall/spring semester. 
Trumpet Terry Caviness  x2974 
French Horn Terry Caviness  x2974 
Trombone Terry Caviness  x2974 
Baritone Terry Caviness x2974 
Tuba Terry Caviness  x2974 
GUITAR & ELECTRIC BASS: Rick Balestra x2982
PERCUSSION: Eric Schmitz x2981 
  Tom McGrath x3052
PIANO: Robert Auler  x2977 
Juan LaManna  x2978 
Violin - minors/non-majors Sonya Williams
Violin, Viola & Cello Sonya Williams x3032 
VOICE: Todd Graber  x2976 
Amanda Li x2968 
Flute/Piccolo Barbara Bridgers
Woodwinds Debra Farden
Oboe  Trevor Jorgensen x2980 
Clarinet  Trevor Jorgensen x2980 
Saxophone Trevor Jorgensen x2980 
Bassoon Trevor Jorgensen x2980