Whether you play an instrument or prefer vocal performance, the music department offers many opportunities for all students to participate in large or small ensembles. You do not need to be a music major or minor to be in the ensembles. In fact, the majority of the students playing in the ensembles are not music majors or minors.

Academic credit is offered and there are no additional fees charged. There are regularly scheduled rehearsal times each week, and most groups perform two to three times each semester. Repertoire ranges from classical to jazz to Broadway. You can participate in music ensembles for 0 or 1 credits.

Please contact ensemble directors for more information, look for flyers posted in Tyler Hall at beginning of semester, OR simply go to the first scheduled class of the semester!


Festival Chorus -  Benjamin May MUS 295, Sec 610 M; 7-9 PM No Audition Required
College Choir  - Benjamin May
MUS 292/492 MWF; 11:30AM -12:25 PM No Audition Required
StateSingers - Benjamin May
Do not Register TR; 1:50-2:45 PM Auditions in Tyler 114
Tuesday, Aug. 23rd

Wind Ensemble - Trevor Jorgensen

MUS 290/490 TR; 12:45-2:05 PM Auditions in Tyler 50
Show up to first scheduled class
College Orchestra - Juan La Manna MUS 291/491 TR; 3:55-5:15 PM Audition Required for Placement
Show up to first scheduled class
Oswego State Jazz Ensemble - Eric Schmitz MUS 299 Sec 830 TR; 2:20-3:40 PM Audition
Show up to first scheduled class
Woodwind Quintet -Debra Farden
Clarinet Quintet
MUS 495 - Sec 800
Sec 940
TBD No Audition Required
Flute Ensemble - Barbara Hildreth-Bridgers MUS 295/495, Sec 620 or 630 TBD No Audition Required
Guitar Ensemble - Rick Balestra MUS 295, Sec 660 or 670
Percussion Ensemble - Tom McGrath MUS 295, Sec 600 or 590 TBD Audition Required