John MacDonald

Associate Professor of Finance



John MacDonald grew up in Potsdam, NY. He has lived in New England and Virginia for many years. Professor MacDonald received his B.A. in psychology in a pre-med curriculum from the University of Vermont, an MBA from Clarkson University, and a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. Professor MacDonald has been an assistant to an orderly in a hospital, picked apples, managed inventory and scheduled production at a multinational forest products firm and is now a professor of finance and risk management and insurance, teaching all areas of those topics. He has taught at SUNY Albany, Clarkson University, Central Connecticut State University and is currently a tenured assistant professor and Chair for the Accounting, Finance, & Law Department at SUNY Oswego.

Professor MacDonald participates in several committees at SUNY Oswego including Department Faculty Assembly, SOB Assessment Committee, SOB Writing Across the Curriculum Committee, Academic Outreach Council, International Council and many more. He has affiliations with Eastern Finance Association, Financial Management Association, Risk and Insurance Management Society, American Risk and Insurance Association, and American Association of Individual Investors. He has also had several papers published with the most recent being in The BRC Academy Journal of Business.

Outside of work, Professor MacDonald enjoys collecting coins, stamps relating to the forest products industry, dinosaur models, movies, music, first edition books, and Duesenberg model cars.


Capitalism and related legal systems have trouble putting the consequences of the downside of risk on to the risk takers. For example, those who orchestrated the financial meltdown rarely paid a personal price; rather it was the shareholders of the firms and the taxpayers and customers who paid the price.  Professor MacDonald is also thinking about supply chains and the impact of elections and other events on the chains. He finds interest in the changes since the 1980s of Federal and State tax rates that significantly lowered taxes to those owning the majority of the wealth while pushing increase taxes to the local level and to the middle and lower classes, with those having increase in taxes politically supporting this change. Finally, while it isn’t a professional interest, he worries about the fragility of the food supply chain in the world and the impact of climate changes and natural disasters.


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Awards and honors

  • 2009 Outstanding Advisor of the Year – SUNY-Oswego
  • 2011 Superior Chapter Advisor – Student Chapter of Financial Management Association (1 of 6 for 200 chapters.)