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Adolescence education proficiency test

Passing the test with at least an 80% is a program requirement for adolescence education majors with a mathematics concentration, and for passing Mat 304.

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Childhood education math proficiency test

The Childhood Education Math Proficiency Exam is a 34-question multiple-choice exam that tests basic computational skills involving whole numbers, fractions, integers and rational numbers as well as simple problem solving involving percents, ratio and proportion, reading graphs and tables, and basic algebra.

The exam is timed and must be completed without the aid of a calculator. A score of 24 or higher is required to pass in order to enroll in Math 106 and Math 206, both cognate requirements for childhood education majors.

All childhood education majors except those with a concentration in mathematics must take and pass this test.

The exam is offered at the beginning of each semester and again about mid-semester. There is no limit to the number of times a student may take the exam and there is no need to register, simply come to the test or the designated time. Declared childhood education majors will receive an email a week or so in advance of the exam.

What to bring
A #2 pencil and photo id are required to take the exam.

You may take this practice test to prepare for the exam. There are several websites that offer tutorials in math; we recommend

Students who do not score 24 or higher on this test may not take Math 106 or Math 206. If your score is less than 20, you may want to enroll in MAX 105, a supplemental study course. If your score is between 20 and 23, you may make an appointment with Maggie Tiballi to go over what topics you should study before the next exam. It is very important that you keep working on your math and take this test at every available opportunity until you pass. Waiting until your senior year to finally address your math issues is strongly discouraged.

MAX 105
MAX 105 is a three-hour course that includes most of the topics included on the General Education Mathematics Exam. It was specifically designed to help childhood education majors to brush up on their skills so that they will be better prepared for Math 106 and 206. Although you will not receive college credit for taking this course, if you scored below 20 on the General Education Mathematics Exam or if you do not feel comfortable with arithmetic and basic algebra, it is to your benefit to take this course. Hopefully, you will be allowed into Math 106 that much sooner. More importantly, you will get more out of Math 106 and Math 206 once you are enrolled. This will ultimately help you to be a better teacher and, after all, that's why you're here, isn't it?

Any remaining questions concerning this exam may be directed to Maggie Tiballi,

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