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Toilet Talk

Toilet Talk is a publication focused on various topics related to college students, created by our own Peer Educators.  Toilet Talk is distributed to residential and academic buildings on a weekly basis.  

We need your help!

We need your help to distribute Toilet Talk!  Hours are dependent upon the amount of issues hung. To participate, come to the Lifestyles Center on Fridays at 10:30am to pick up stacks. While we do not release Toilet Talk until 10:30am on Friday, lines typically start forming earlier.  Building choice is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. For better selection, arrive early.

Please take note: Students at SUNY Oswego expect to see new issues of Toilet Talk in their bathrooms each week. The Lifestyles Center will not tolerate students who sign up to hang Toilet Talk and do not complete the task. If a student is found to have not hung the issues of Toilet Talk that they have signed out in buildings they agreed to, they will be permanently banned from Toilet Talk distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Tiolet Talk available each week?
10:30am on Fridays

How does Toilet Talk Work?
You come to LSC to pick up Toilet Talk on a first come, first served basis.  You go to the building and post the Toilet Talk in the bathroom stalls (if you need plastic holders ask Suzanne) and then you return to LSC for your community service to be signed.

How much is Toilet Talk worth for community service?
If the # of Toilet Talks are below 30 you receive a half hour of community service.
If the # of Toilet Talks are between 30 and 50, you receive an hour of community service.
Onondaga Hall is the only hall that receives an hour and a half of community service because the number of Toilet Talks to distrubute is 59 and 70.

Who signs off on community service sheets and is the point person for Toilet Talk?
Suzanne Campbell is the Graduate Assistant responsible for Toilet Talk and will sign off on any forms. Students are encouraged not to wait until the last minute to have forms signed.  In addition, all forms must be completely filled out before they are signed.

What if I need a document on letterhead to prove that I posted Toilet Talk?
At this time, we are only able to sign off on SUNY Oswego Community Service forms that are entirely and correctly filled out.

What if I waited too long to have my form signed and no one is able to sign it?
Please have all forms filled out and signed as soon as the work is completed to avoid this.  If it is not done on time and the person signing the forms is unavailable, you will have to wait until they are able.

How do you submit an event to be posted on Toilet Talk?
Email Suzanne at with details related to the event and when you request it to be posted.

What if you don't respond to my email right away?
The Lifestyles Center may not reply to Toilet Talk related emails from students outside of the scheduled office hours. This includes: after office hours, on vacations/breaks, sick days, holidays, or class cancellations. Please give us at least 2 business days before following up.

Please understand that there are weeks where Toilet Talk is gone completely in the first half hour, and other weeks there are many left over.  Come early in the semester to ensure that you have your selection of community service completed before the due date.  

For more information, contact Suzanne Campbell at or Shelly Sloan at