AOD Education

Alcohol and other drug education

Alcohol and drugs are a part of the social landscape at SUNY Oswego. For some people it's a welcome part of college life. For others it is really overwhelming and scary to see some of the things that people do on this campus involving alcohol and other drugs. Drugs are illegal. Drinking under 21 is illegal too. People do it anyway. We offer information and education about alcohol and other drugs to help you live the life you want without having it ruined by overdoing it.

These are the resources the Lifestyles Center has to offer:


As part of SUNY Oswego’s commitment to the well-being of our students and the larger campus community, all incoming first year undergraduates students are required to complete the online MyStudentBody Essentials Course.

MyStudentBody is a comprehensive, evidenced-based, online prevention program that gives students the tools to choose behaviors that will help them successfully navigate the social pressures of the campus environment and achieve academic success.  The course covers the three most significant behavioral risks college students face (alcohol, prescription drugs and sexual violence).  These educational modules allows SUNY Oswego to remain compliant with federal laws related to alcohol prevention and sexual violence.

  • Fall 2017 new student information:
    • Access to the MyStudentBody “Essentials” course begins on August 1, 2017 and must be completed prior to moving in.
    • An email will be sent to your email account with instructions on how to access MyStudentBody
    • The course takes approximately 1 – 1.5 hours to complete.  You do not need to finish the entire course in one setting, it can be broken up into multiple settings. 
    • You need a minimum of 70% on all three modules.  If you do not pass you make retake the test until you have a passing score.
    • Your scores (not your answers) will automatically be stored in the MyStudentBody data system.  The Alcohol and Other Program Coordinator will have access to all scores. 
    • IMPORTANT: If you fail to complete the “Essentials Course” before moving in, you make incur a hold on your account, which will not allow you to change your class schedule or register for classes in the spring.
    • If you have questions please call the Lifestyles Center at 315 312-5648 OR Email
    • Click here to access the MyStudentBody website
BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students)

BASICS is a two-session one on one assessment created specifically for college students.  Developed at the University of Washington, BASICS has been found to significantly reduce negative consequences resulting from drinking, as well as alcohol consumption rates

Students meet with a BASICS certified provider for an intake interview and to complete an online screening instrument that gathers information about the student’s relationship with alcohol. A comprehensive personalized feedback profile is generated for the second session, which features comparisons to campus norms, consequences and student goals. The Provider guides the student through his/her profile, using principles of Motivational Interviewing throughout the process. 

Many students will need to complete BASICS as part of a student conduct sanction.  The cost of the program is $80.  If you would like to schedule a BASICS assessment as a self-referral and NOT as part of a student conduct sanction, there is no charge.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or need more information, please call the Lifestyles Center at: 315 312-5648.

InShape Prevention Plus Wellness

InShape is a brief one on one prevention program (30 minutes) to improve physical and mental well-being of college students, by connecting positive health habits and images with avoiding risky alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drug use.

Many students will be assigned InShape as part of a student conduct sanction.  The cost of the program is $25.  If you would like to schedule an InShape appointment as a self-referral and NOT as part of student conduct sanction, there is no charge.

For more information on InShape, please contact the Lifestyles Center at: 315 312-5648.


Screen U is a brief web-based screening tool that assesses a student’s risk for experiencing substance use related consequences. Screen U links students to appropriate resources to help them address their substance use.