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The information below is for anyone not affiliated with SUNY Oswego who wishes to use Penfield Library's collections and/or services. Welcome!

Your Research at Penfield Library

Databases & Electronic Resources

  • On SUNY Oswego's campus
    Visitors may access library databases and other electronic resources using the library's computers.
  • Off campus
    Unfortunately, licensing restrictions mean that Penfield Library cannot provide you with database access when you are off campus. Your best bets when you're off campus are:

Books & Physical Materials

Research Help

Librarians will be happy to help you with research questions via any of our Ask a Librarian services. However, our priorities are to SUNY Oswego students, faculty, and staff.

Computers / Technology in Penfield

  • Computers
    Librarians can log you on to our desktop computers with a guest account.
  • Wireless
    Because of network security settings, we don't have the ability to give visitors access to the campus wireless network.
    • If you are a campus visitor sponsored by a department, ask the department to request guest wireless access for you.
    • If you come from an institution that participates in eduroam, you may connect to the eduroam wireless network here. More information about eduroam.