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On August 5-7th 1994 a 50th reunion was held for Safe Haven refugees and their families at the SUNY Oswego campus (Oswego, NY). The reunion was organized by Safe Haven Inc, a non-profit organization raising money to establish a permanent refugee museum at Fort Ontario. The reunion included religious services at Temple Adath Israel in Oswego, interviews, a dinner-dance, and three panel discussions held on the SUNY Oswego campus.

The interviews were conducted Saturday, August 6th, 1994. Several were conducted by Safe Haven Inc. President Scott Scanlon. The refugees describe their hardships in Europe during WWII, their journey aboard the Henry Fitzgibbons, life in Oswego and at the refugee camp. They also discuss their lives after they became United States citizens.

The following video interviews were digitized from archival VHS tapes by two Syracuse University interns at Penfield Library in 2012.  These complement Safe Haven audio files and the Safe Haven bibliography.

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