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Library Classroom Closing

Due to construction in Penfield, both our classrooms will be unavailable during the time between fall and spring semesters.

Classrooms will reopen on January 25.

The Learning Technologies Librarian is here to help students get the most out of technology on campus. Please contact her for a class instruction session on software you would like your students to use for their projects. Examples include: citations managers, media editing, infographic generators, chart making software, and presentation applications, etc.

Please allow two weeks lead time when you request a multimedia workshop. Also, please be ready to describe the assignment with the librarian teaching the class. It is strongly preferred that faculty members attend the workshop with their students.

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, please call or write the Learning Technologies Librarian. Thank you!

Please note that the areas indicated in bold print are needed
in order to process the request.

Course Instructor
Phone Number
Course Title
Course Number
Building Number
Email Address

Meeting times of class
(e.g., MWF 9:10-10:05)

Number of Sections
Number of Students per Section
Level of Student

Information: regarding project and specific software or applications. If unknown at the time of submission, put "unknown."

DATES/TIMES preferred by instructor:

1st Preference

2nd Preference

3rd Preference

Other Comments

After the form is processed, we will give you a phone call to set up the final arrangements for the library instruction class, and send written confirmation.