Yes, you can eat in the library! Sustenance can make reading, studying, or research in the library a more productive and enjoyable experience.

Please take reasonable precautions when eating or drinking in the library. Spilled food and drink present a potential hazard to library resources, and we would rather spend library funds on new resources instead of replacing those damaged by food or drink.


  • Personal servings of food and drinks with lids are allowed.
  • Food with strong smells or group meals should be consumed in the Lake Effect Café or the 24-Hour Room. If you are eating other food items in other locations, our staff may ask you to move to the Café or the 24-Hour Room, at their discretion.
  • Food should not be stored in the library.
  • Please report accidental spills as soon as possible so that they may be cleaned up.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the CTS lab, as per CTS policy.