Library Administration

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Sarah Weisman

Sarah Conrad Weisman

Library Director

Call Sarah Weisman: 315-312-3557

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Christina Briglin

Secretary 1

Call Christina Briglin: 315-312-4232

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Access Services

Call Access Services: 315-312-2560

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Erin Kovalsky

Erin Kovalsky

Access Services Librarian

Call Erin Kovalsky:315-312-3554

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Deidre Devlin

Deidre Devlin

Library Clerk 3

Call Deidre Devlin:315-312-3543

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Jennifer Blanchard

Library Clerk 2

Call Jennifer Blanchard:315-312-3547

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Colleen Huddleston

Library Clerk 2

Call Colleen Huddleston:315-312-4268

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Austin Richardson

Office Assistant 1

Call Austin Richardson:315-312-3560

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Acquisitions, Serials, and Cataloging

Call Acquisitions: 315-312-3546

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Call Cataloging / Serials: 315-312-3210

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Kate Jones

Kate Jones

Acquisitions Librarian

Call Kate Jones:315-312-3545

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Carol Carter

Carol Carter

Library Clerk 3

Call Carol Carter:315-312-3550

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Katherine Carr

Library Clerk 2

Call Katherine Carr:315-312-3546

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Interlibrary Loan

Call Interlibrary Loan: 315-312-4546

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Morgan Bond

Morgan Bond

Resource Sharing Librarian

Call Morgan Bond:315-312-3562

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Judy Lupa

Judy Lupa

Library Clerk 2

Call Judy Lupa:315-312-4546

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Reference & Instruction

Call the Research Help Desk: 315-312-4267

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Deborah Bauder

Deborah Bauder

Research, Instruction, & Outreach Librarian

Call Deborah Bauder:315-312-3010

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Michelle Bishop

Michelle Bishop

First-Year Experience Librarian

Call Michelle Bishop: 315-312-3564

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Laura Harris

Laura Harris

Web Services & Distance Learning Librarian

Call Laura Harris:315-312-3539

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Nicole Westerdahl

Nicole Westerdahl

Research, Instruction, & Outreach Librarian

Call Nicole Westerdahl315-312-3566

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Archives & Special Collections

Call Archives & Special Collections: 315-312-3537

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Kathryn Johns-Masten

Kathryn Johns-Masten

Special Collections & Systems Librarian

Call Kathryn Johns-Masten:315-312-3553

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Zachary Vickery

Zachary Vickery

College Archivist Librarian

Call Zachary Vickery:315-312-3563

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Lorraine Geer

Lorraine Geer

Office Assistant 2

Call Lorraine Geer:315-312-4233

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Technology Services

Lorraine Geer

Matt Brooks

Technology Support Professional

Call Matt Brooks:315-312-2998

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