Welcome to the new library homepage. I hope that you enjoy our updated page and find it easy to use. Designing this page has been a long process, and I’m very excited to share it with you at last!

The redesign process officially began last fall, when I surveyed students, library faculty, and non-library faculty about priorities for the homepage. This spring, I built on what I learned in those surveys. I worked with my interns Gabrielle Darling and Lilly Kiel to conduct a variety of user studies to make sure this new homepage is usable. We did:

  • Card sorting tests, where we got student volunteers to tell us what content groupings would make sense on our homepage.
  • First-click tests, where we quickly iterated through some early drafts of what the homepage might have become, asking people where they would click if they were trying to complete key library tasks.
  • Think-aloud tests, where we brought in students to go through important library tasks using the new site, so that we could see what was working / not working for them.

The page you’re looking at now is the result of a lot of work—but it’s still not set in stone. The library constantly monitors how effective our website is, so don’t be shocked if you notice minor tweaks to the homepage during semester breaks. The overall goal is for us to provide the best user experience we can, supporting you in your research and personal goals.

Emily Mitchell