Kanopy access changes

Penfield Library introduced Kanopy video streaming in Fall 2015. Unlike other database subscriptions that provide unlimited access for a set annual subscription fee, Kanopy uses a pay-per-use model, meaning that more usage results in higher costs. Because of high demand, the cost of Kanopy has far exceeded its projected budget allocation, resulting in the following change to the service.

Starting now, only the films for which the Library has already purchased streaming rights will be available on Kanopy until each film’s license expiration date (found by clicking on its title in Kanopy). All other titles will be unavailable for automatic streaming. Information about unlicensed films will still be available through searches, and faculty will have the opportunity to request access to unlicensed films on a title-by-title basis.

Faculty members who would like to obtain access to unlicensed films for use in their classes may request access using the request form in Kanopy. A librarian will contact you to follow-up. Purchases for class-wide use will receive priority.

Access to Kanopy for recreational use is available to residents of New York State through the New York Public Library. Learn how New York State residents can apply for a free New York Public Library card and access NYPL’s Kanopy service.

We recommend that faculty test links to streaming films before the semester begins.

There are a number of licensed films that are approaching their expiration date - faculty should review this list (https://www.oswego.edu/library/file/kanopy-titles-expiring-2018-10-01xls) as soon as possible - the list includes film title, expiration date, and number of plays over the past year. If you plan to use one of the listed films in your course this semester, please contact your liaison librarian so we can renew the license.

The Library continues to provide access to a number of other online video resources: https://libraryguides.oswego.edu/az.php?t=32460

The Library is committed to supporting your curricular resource needs. We are interested in learning more about your streaming resource needs and will be investigating other streaming service options. Please contact your liaison librarian or Sarah Weisman, Library Director, with your thoughts and feedback.

Physical media collection changes

We have changed the way we organize physical media materials (DVDs / Blu-Rays and CDs).

The majority of videos, popular and instructional, were merged into a newly named Video Collection, arranged by call number, located on the second floor, and available for in-person browsing and check-out by all patrons.

The Instructional Media Collection (IMC) is no longer maintained as a separate, restricted-access collection. Materials formerly in this collection were handled in one of two ways:

1.     IMC materials with zero or low circulation were shelved with other videos in the Video Collection

2.     IMC materials with heavier circulation were added to Reserves and shelved behind the first floor Check Out Desk. All Reserve materials are restricted-access and have shortened borrowing periods.

Faculty may borrow Reserve videos for 3 hours. Faculty should contact their liaison librarian with special requests/needs or further questions.

This change to the organization of the physical collection will make it easier for students, faculty, and staff to access all Reserve materials (books and videos) in a single location as well as the majority of media materials in a single location; maintain restricted access for high-demand video titles; and help us prepare our back-end systems for an upcoming migration to a new library automation system.


Sarah Weisman