For the sixth year, Penfield Library awarded Faculty Teaching & Research Collections grants to faculty members to support collection development for their research interests or the program/course curriculum needs of students in their courses. Grants of up to $500 each were awarded to 17 faculty in March of 2017.

The material purchased serves to enhance the Penfield collection in the faculty members’ subject areas. Each title received a distinctive label listing the faculty name and department. This year’s recipients were:

  • Gonzalo Aguiar - Modern Languages & Literatures
  • David Andrews - Economics
  • Kathleen Blake - Anthropology
  • Thomas Brown - Chemistry
  • Amanda Fenlon - Curriculum & Instruction
  • Juliet Giglio - English & Creative Writing
  • Lisa Glidden - Political Science
  • Joanna Goplen - Gender and Women's Studies
  • Jinyan Guo - Biological Sciences
  • Roberta Hurtado - English & Creative Writing
  • Sarfraz Mian - Marketing and Management
  • Alanna Ossa - Anthropology
  • Scott Preston - Mathematics
  • Tania Ramalho - Curriculum & Instruction
  • Mamta Saxena - Human Development
  • Daniel Schlegel - Computer Science
  • Tami Sullivan - Counseling and Psychological Services

Please look forward to the announcement for the FTRC grants for 2018. The application requires writing a short rationale for the material requested and accurate citation information; also, the material must meet certain format restrictions. Subject liaisons will contact their departments near the beginning of the spring semester with the deadline for applying.

Mike Paxton