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Archives & Special Collections curates images and documents (and more!) relevant to the history of SUNY Oswego. See some of our favorite topics below, or check out this general guide to researching our college's history.

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1922 The Normalian yearbook

SUNY Oswego's yearbook, The Normalian (1922-1926) / The Ontarian (1927-2005) is available online at New York Heritage Digital Collections.


The Oswegonian

We collect student, faculty, and staff publications — whether that's research articles or TV shows. Take a look!


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SUNY Oswego wouldn't be SUNY Oswego without its students, faculty, and staff. Learn more about the people of SUNY Oswego here.


Campus map circa 1970s

What was our campus like in the past? Has that building always been there? Who was it named after?


Student in graduation robes

Material documenting times of pomp, circumstances, celebrations, and commemorations.

And More

Oswegull mascot ca. 1987

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