This page applies only to juniors and seniors enrolled in the Honors Program.

What can I borrow?

Material TypeHow longHow manyRenewalsCan be recalled
Circulating Collection (books, audiobooks) 155 days 200 3 after 28 days
Reference Collection (books) 1 day 5 0 no
Teaching Resource Center Materials 14 days 100 1 at any time
Music CDs 14 days 5 1 at any time
Videos 14 days 100 1 at any time
Laptops 3 hours
library use only
1 0 no
Devices, Chargers, Etc.See Equipment for Checkout or ask library staff.

Materials Penfield Library doesn't own

Upperclassman honors students may use interlibrary loan to obtain materials not owned by Penfield Library.

Fines and Penalties

Your honors library privileges will be revoked if you:

  • fail to return a recalled item
  • abuse your honors borrowing privileges

All your borrowing privileges will be suspended if you have:

  • more than five overdue items
  • an overdue recall item
  • interlibrary loan materials more than two weeks overdue

All your borrowing privileges will be suspended and a hold may be placed on your student account if you have:

  • $50 or more in fines and fees

In addition to fines on overdue items, you will be billed for lost materials.

  • You will be sent 3 notices for overdue materials.
  • After the third notice, you will be invoiced for lost materials.
  • Lost materials are billed for replacement costs plus a $25 processing fee per item.

Privileges will be reinstated when the item(s) are returned and the fines are paid off.

Material TypeFines per dayMaximum per item
Book / Audiobook .25 $10
Music CD .50 $10
Video $1 $10
Recalled Item $2 $26
Reference Material $1 / hour $25
Reserve Item $1 / hour $25
Laptop $6 / hour $25
Technology: 2 Hour $1 / hour $25
Technology: Until Closing $1 / hour $25
Technology: 7 Day $1 / hour $25