What Do We Do?

In accordance with the mission of Penfield Library, the Archives & Special Collections unit serves the college and local community by preserving, providing access to, and interpreting primary resource material on the culture and history of the college and local region, Oswego County.

Our collections include:

  • Historical photos of the college and local region
  • Personal papers of college faculty and staff, and of local historical figures
  • Rare and special books
  • Objects and artifacts from the college

Digitization tools in Special Collections room 5

Accessing Our Materials

We can't do your research for you, but we're happy to locate the resources you need!

If you're able to visit us in person, make sure you include times when you could stop by to view relevant materials.

Plan your visit to Penfield Library's Archives and Special Collections.


Because many of the materials in Archives and Special Collections are old or rare (or both!), we have different rules around using our materials than the rest of the library does.

Learn more about the policies that help us provide access while also preserving our materials for future use.

Who Are We?

Kathryn Johns-Masten

Kathryn Johns-Masten
Special Collections and Systems Librarian

College Archivist Librarian

Zachary Vickery
College Archivist Librarian

Lorraine Geer

Lorraine Geer
Office Assistant 2