Get Certified

Want to learn how to use the 3D printers? It's easier than you might think! Just sign up for a one-hour guided training. After you complete it, you'll be all set to start printing on your own, though we will still be on hand to assist and answer your questions. Give it a try!


  • Price is the same as it would be if we printed for you.
  • When printing an object, you must stay for at least the first half hour of the print. You are welcome to stay longer.
  • If your print fails after you leave, we will contact you to determine how to proceed.
  • The printers are located in a space with librarian offices. Be respectful and considerate. At any time, any librarian may ask you to leave if you are being disruptive.
  • No guns or gun parts.
  • Items must adhere to copyright restrictions.