"Academic Disqualification" is often a shock even though you may have had considerable warning. Before you decide how to respond to your situation, we urge you to reflect on what has happened and why. Before you decide to pursue reinstatement, there are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I have an understanding of why I disqualified?
  • Do I have a plan for changing my own priorities so that I improve my prospects for academic success?
  • Do my long-range goals require a college education?
  • Have I been attending college to please other people?

If you think that you can significantly improve your academic situation and want to be considered for reinstatement, you should prepare a letter of appeal. You should check with your dean's office to see where to direct the letter and what the deadline may be.

Before you begin your appeal letter, review the Scholarship Standards outlined in the College Catalog to be sure that you understand the College policy. In preparing your appeal, you should make sure that your statements are clear and speak to:

  1. your reasons for disqualification, and
  2. your anticipated plan for academic success at Oswego.

Since this is your opportunity to provide us with relevant information, take the time to edit your own statements for accuracy and completeness. Your written appeal gives a clear signal to the reviewers of how serious you are about your academic program.

You should realize that reinstatement is not automatic. You may be assured that the Associate Dean of your academic college/division/school is willing to review an individual decision and to explain the process, including considerations that influenced the decision, after all decisions have been made. That review, however, will be intended for your benefit in future planning and should not be construed as an opportunity to change the original decision.

PLEASE NOTE: Appeal procedures are subject to change--contact the appropriate dean's office for information regarding a subsequent appeal.

If you currently enrolled in a WinterSession course, you may complete it. You may not begin any further course work. You should understand, however, that successful completion of this course will not change your disqualified status.