Interdisciplinary Programs and Activities Center

IPAC, the Interdisciplinary Programs and Activities Center at Oswego, is dedicated to promoting interdisciplinarity on our campus by encouraging interdisciplinary curricular development and supporting a range of interdisciplinary programs and activities.

Contact Information:  222 Campus Center

Lisa Glidden, Director |

Lori Reitmeier, Program Secretary |  315.312.3236



The following links reference interdisciplinary programs that may or may not currently be affiliated with IPAC. We provide these links merely as a resource for those who may be interested in visiting the pages associated with these programs. These pages are not, generally speaking, maintained by IPAC. Rather, these are maintained by the individuals who are responsible for governing the program.

American studies
Applied mathematical economics
Cinema and screen studies
Cognitive science
Gender and Women's Studies
Global and international studies
Information science
Integrative Professional Studies (more information coming soon)
Language and international trade

African/African-American studies
Arts management
Audio design and production
Expressive arts therapy
Forensic science
Gender and Women's Studies
Global and International Studies
Medieval and Renaissance studies
Native American studies
Peace and conflict studies
Sustainability studies

Human-computer interaction