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Who is covered?

All students participating in SUNY Oswego's overseas programs will be automatically enrolled and covered under this insurance.

HTH Worldwide Medical Insurance

HTH Worldwide medical insurance carrier was chosen by SUNY and all SUNY schools with international programs have the same carrier. Below you will find resources to get you started. Please visit the HTH Worldwide site for more information on coverage, claims and other services.

Coverage abroad

In areas where a hospital or private practice will not take the insurance, students are responsible to submit payment and then request reimbursement from HTH Worldwide. This means that the student will coordinate directly with HTH and keep receipts to submit to HTH for reimbursement. It is extremely important that the student coordinates with HTH as a file will then be started for the student by HTH. Note: Having the SUNY health insurace coverage does not always mean that the healthcare provider will directly bill HTH; the student may have to pay up front and will then be reimbursed by HTH afterwards.

Register with or

Students are highly encouraged to register with HTH prior to going overseas. This will allow them to view the HTH designated physicians, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies abroad. Students can also get this information by contacting HTH directly using the phone number listed on the back of their insurance card. By doing this, HTH will contact the nearest English-speaking, western trained provider in their network on your behalf. They will also arrange for direct payment so that you do not need to pay anything out of pocket. Please understand that in the event that there is no hospital or physician that accepts the HTH insurance card, students will still be able to receive medical care but will have to pay for the care and then submit a claim for reimbursement to HTH.

Outside the United States, students can access HTH Worldwide's unique international medical community, which features contracted, English-speaking physicians and other healthcare professionals in more than 180 countries. Through the HTH Parents website, Parents/Guardians of U.S. study abroad students can help students locate a doctor or medical professional. To do so, Visit Doctor Search to search for a doctor.


In order to be reimbursed, students must submit a claim to HTH. HTH Students provides online access to Claims information for registered participants (to learn more about registering for the site, read the FAQ). You may also call 1.888.350.2002 or +1.610.254.8771 (can call collect) to speak with a Customer Service Representative or contact HTH by email, being sure to reference your name, school and the date of injury/loss. Claim forms should be completed fully, and only original bills are accepted. Printed claim forms may be sent to HTH Worldwide Insurance or by fax to 888.250.4121.