Getting Started

Your journey starts here.

SUNY Oswego offers 80+ programs in more than 30 countries. With options ranging from one week to one year long, there is a program to fit your academic schedule and budget.

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Choose your program
No two programs are exactly alike- even in the same country. You might find yourself on an American-style campus taking courses in English or living with a host family while taking classes at a local university. To determine which is right for you, consider the following.

From highly specialized programs with classes all in one subject to direct-enrollment programs with every discipline under the sun, course offerings vary. Do your homework.

Program Length Options

  • Quarter Courses  - Students will take an 8-week course on campus followed by the international component with the courses. The international portion can last from 7-17 days, depending on the program.  These courses are open to Oswego students only.
  • Courses with optional travel - These courses are normal semester courses on campus that have an optional travel component for any students interested.
  • Summer - These programs last for 3-8 weeks during the summer term.
  • Semester - These programs usually are around 15 weeks during the same time as the academic semesters at Oswego.

Cost of living
Never underestimate the cost of living or how the dollar translates into other currencies. Know your numbers. If you're looking to reduce costs, try looking at non-traditional destinations in regions like Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, South America, and the Caribbean.

Depending on the program, accommodations range from dorms to homestays to apartment living.

Other SUNY Programs
Not seeing your destination? There are over 500 programs in the SUNY system in which you are able to participate - no difference in cost or transferability of credits.  View the full SUNY offerings by going to:

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You've chosen your destination. Now what? Just ask yourself the following questions to see if you're all set.

Am I eligible?

  • For quarter courses and courses with optional travel - freshman and up
  • For semester and summer program - students must be at least a sophomore in standing. (Second-semester Freshmen can apply for the following summer or semester).

Will I still be on track for graduation?

  • Yes, if you get early course approval for major, minor, and GenEd credit.
  • Yes, if you maintain full-time enrollment (6 hours for summer, 12+ hours for semester)
  • Yes, if you meet with an academic advisor to go over your degree plan.

When can I apply?
Application deadlines are dependent on your program and term choice. Please see the program brochure of your program for this date as well as other program details at:

Can I afford it?

  • You can apply your state and federal aid (non-work study) to your abroad program. 
  • There are many scholarships and grants for study abroad. Please see our Scholarships page on our website for resources.
  • There is a program to fit every major and budget.

Student in London


You're almost set.

Talk to Financial Aid
If you plan on using any financial aid to pay for your abroad program, please meet with your financial aid advisor to go over how much aid you may be eligible to receive.

Come talk to us
Stop by during our walk-in hours or set up an appointment with an Education Abroad Specialist. 

Office of International Education and Programs
100 Sheldon Hall

Apply for your program
You can apply to Oswego programs by going to and clicking on "Apply Now" on your program's brochure page. Other SUNY campuses may have a similar or different process so please visit their websites for instructions on how to apply.

Taking that big leap and deciding to study abroad can seem overwhelming. Our office is here to help guide you in the advisement process all the way to departure. Below you will find some resources and information pertaining to the various aspects of the study abroad process

On-campus Events

Visit on of our information tables, residence hall events or discussion panels to learn about your abroad opportunities.