Deciding on the right program for you can have a lot to do with finances. We understand that, but we also want you to know that there is a program for every budget and we are here to help break down the fears and myths about financing your experience!

  • Program Costs: Every program has a budget sheet that will list and detail all costs associated with the program. The budget sheets are linked within the online program brochure webpage. As you will see on the budget sheet, some costs will be billed to you directly by your home campus or the study abroad office (billable). Other costs (non-billable) are estimated and will be paid by you directly. Often times these costs vary based on your spending habits and personal choices, but they are comprehensive and should give you a fair estimate of the total cost-of-attendance for the duration of your program. Review the program budget sheet early on and share it with your support system at home. If you have questions about how the budget sheet works, just let your program coordinator know and they will be happy to help. 

  • Financial Aid: It is important to discuss study abroad with a financial aid advisor as soon as possible. Most financial aid, scholarships, and grants will apply while studying abroad. Even if you do not currently receive financial aid it is possible that study abroad may make you eligible for financial aid. SUNY Oswego students can make an appointment in Starfish with one of the following Financial Aid Advisors: Jennie Hoffman, Mali Dorsey, Tony Vasquez

  • Scholarships: There are many scholarships available to students. Apply for as many as you can! Check in with your home campus to see if there is a writing center or scholarship advisor who can help you navigate the application process and revise your applications! Your program coordinator can always get you started with this process, just ask!

  • Payments: Once you have been accepted to a program and have paid the program deposit, you will find a copy of the most recent invoice in your online study abroad account in the "Documents" section. Information on the remaining program balance, accepted payment methods, and where to send payments are listed on every invoice.