Faculty-led Program FAQ

What is a "Course With Travel" (CWT)?
A CWT is a typical semester course that includes optional travel. Not all students will travel abroad at the end of the course, but the option is there. 

What is a "Quarter Course" (Q Course - Q2, Q3, Q4 Course)?
A quarter course is a course taken on-campus or online, generally for a quarter of the year (half a semester). All students in a quarter course will travel abroad at the end of the course. There are 3 different terms for quarter courses

Q2 - Course begins after midterms (generally in October), travel during winter break (January)

Q3 - Course begins at the beginning of the Spring semeter, travel during spring recess (mid-March)

Q4- Course begins after spring recess, travel after spring semeter (late May/early June)

How do I reigster for a faculty-led course?