Minutes of September 21, 2011

Present: Bozak, DiMarzo, Hemphill, Pretzat, Woolley, Nichols

We started with Introductions and updates. In particular, with respect to the new Integrity Quiz (with certificate), as of today we've had 428 unique students take the quiz 840 times. Certificate is awarded with 90% score.
Other items of note:

  • we need database questions...report the categories in the minutes
    • good learning/tips
    • why be honest?
    • college policy
    • plagiarism - identify types of plagiarism
    • plagiarism - how to avoid plagiarism
  • In the Online library guide (the Penfield Library site) there is a link to the Primer
  • Toilet talk and digital signage - we should as the Lifestyles folks to do another cheating/plagiarism Toilet Talk, sooner rather than later. We should also begin putting up our digital signage…we need new signage...
  • how do we promote the existence of the online reporting form and the policy?
  • how to get people to adhere to the policy?
  • citation instruction - practice, practice, practice!!! Find out who is doing what styles...at least within gen ed.
  • adjuncts - we need to be educating them about policy
  • resources site for faculty for this year would be a good priority item
  • Info literacy test by library last year and of ten questions, 6.6 right, 1.52 sd, median of 7 - room for improvement...
  • CELT - should we get on to the winter breakout schedule again?
  • We should try to reach out to departments to get information to them, to offer to meet with them, etc.
  • Bozak will ask about what CLAS style is used in departments… is there a dept policy? In the sciences - what style is used, especially with non-majors?
  • Story time!
  • Adjunct teaching an online course, 2 students both using same IP addresses, working at the same location, working together - would you talk about the exam when sitting next to one another in the classroom?
  • "cheating" is a value laden term that quickly raises the excitement level - perhaps we need a different approach when talking with students about appropriate work.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak