Minutes of November 30, 2011

Present: Bozak, DiMarzo, Garii, Morrison, Nichols, Pretzat, Woolley

Continued discussion concerning adding an advisor note in BDMS about a meeting due to notification of an incident of academic misconduct:

  • We don't add a record of an incident in a student's permanent folder yet are our records incomplete if an advisee meeting is not recorded?
  • Would integrity be taken more seriously if a note was there?
  • Can we send a notification to the registrar to be added to the BDMS and then have it pulled when a student graduates?
  • We don't send anything in DBMS on other than a student's transcript, so why pull it? But a student might provide employer/grad school with a release to access their record, and then the notification of an incident of misconduct would be available? Permanent record attached to first incident would be a permanent notation - would that be a problem for faculty who are already hesitant to report incidents?
  • We will recommend the following statement: "Met with student, discussed academic integrity."

QR code stats - Bozak charted the hits on the Intellectual Resources site, with a noticeable uptick beginning November 7, when the QR code hit digital signage. It wasn't a profound increase, but it was noticeable.

Continued Winter breakout discussion:

  • We should start with a discussion over what folks see as the goal(s) of using citations. Perhaps we can start with a roundtable discussion to gather this information
  • Can provide info on styles being required on campus, a link to the paper, Jim's blog post on citation and anything else in advance of the session once we have a list of attendees.
  • Jim can do a ten minute intro on citations
  • Invite Mike Murphy to participate
  • A meeting to finalize the session will be at 9am on 12/12, room TBA, for those interested and available.

Faculty Resources site:

  • Need judicial process description - faculty likely have no idea what the judicial process is, how it works, what penalties (if any) might be imposed, etc.
  • What about English 102 - what do they get, when do they get it? Transfers don't take 102, students don't always take it as a freshman, honors students take 204, not 102 - so what are the differences?; Does there need to be an orientation piece so that freshmen and transfers know just what their responsibilities will be?
  • What can we assume that students know? And when? How do we coordinate them so that we don't ask students to do things that they haven't learned? We need to be able to get this information to faculty so that they have appropriate expectations of student preparation before assigning writing.
  • Get info on class rank in 102s for fall/spring of this year.

Thought for the day: Academic integrity is not merely the mechanics of punctuation.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak