Minutes of November 2, 2011

Present: Bozak, DiMarzo, Hemphill, Morrison, Nichols, Pretzat


  • Toilet Talk is planned a semester in advance, but the 12/2 issue will be on study tips and they might be able to get plagiarism/citation information into the issue.
  • Magnets were ordered (1000 magnets). How to be distributed? Via Associate Deans with cover letter (see below) What do we do with the extras? Library, OLS, Compass, RAs with cover letter. Perhaps we can expand the image into a bookmark for orientation, and also employ it as digital signage.
  • Cover letter contents: Introduce CII; ask that the magnet be placed where you and students can see it; emphasize our website, policy info, online reporting, primer/quiz, best practices and more are on the way. Add 2 Q/R codes (the integrity website, and the Resources/Primer website). Ask for any tips they can offer that we can include in the new Faculty Resources site. Have letter come from the Associate Dean and the CII, to emphasize administration support for academic integrity
  • CAI projects update - This is the 20th anniversary of the Center for Academic Integrity. We are institutional members. They have 5 projects as a focus: Accreditation & Integrity; Fundamental Values: Revisiting & Revising; Regional Consortium Development; Academic Integrity Reader; Academic Integrity Rating System. Bozak will share a document on these. Volunteers are welcome on each group and CII members are welcome to (and encouraged) to considered working on one of these.
  • Citation obsession article recently distributed (Kurt Schick, Chronicle of Higher Education, 10/30/11) - work with Michael Murphy to craft a policy statement for gen Ed, non-major courses that speaks to the point of the article, which we all support.
  • Faculty site: General agreement for the structure proposed. Discussion revolved around adding a flow chart of the process outlined in the campus policy; Add previous year's reports on incidents of misconduct to the reporting section. Emphasize WHY faculty should report - multiple instances of misconduct can lead to intervention. But we need to know about the incidents before we can act. How to structure assignments and exams to discourage cheating: personal connection with assignment, structured assignments, new topics each semester. We should work with Michael Murphy on this.